Hall furniture set

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Hall furniture set consists of different elements. In ones apartments the entrance zone is intended only for coming in the house and going out of it – take off the coat, put the umbrella, or tie the scarf. So the minimal set of furniture is enough: coat racks, mirrors, consoles or mini cupboards. On others houses the hall is the place for keeping clothes. Hall furniture sets in such interiors is inconceivable without single- or double-door wardrobes, coat-racks (often with the shelf for hats), support or cupboard for shoes, chest with mirrors, even a pouffe which can have a case under the sit.

Only super economical furniture is sold as a ready set (so called mono block). The most of producers offer the module program of basic elements which form the composition of suite of hall furniture individually for every consumer. Modern sets also differ with their size – they are compact and ergonomic. The angles are involved actively: the set can include special shelves or stands. The wardrobes have the decreased depth and equipped with butt hangers.

Often the center of your hall can look like the built-in closet. The build-in wardrobe or open section for keeping seasonable outwear can be assembled of any basic elements of wardrobe. Add to it special sections for keeping shoes, special hangers for belts and ties and so on.

Hall-loft is special furniture – crosspieces between the ceiling and floor. These stands can be placed in the niche, close with the façade and get the wardrobe or place along the perimeter of the room and get the cloakroom.

The producers supplement the basic set of modules with sections which allow organizing the additional space for keeping things: upper shelves above the entrance door, corner shelves and so on. Don’t forget to place in your hall the mirror – it should be big and be placed comfortably, for example on the door of the wardrobe.

The color of the hall should be warm and bright, for example yellow or orange. Then all your guests will immediately feel the hospitality of your house.