Panton Chair in British way

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Vitra company continues celebrating 50-years anniversary of famous chair Panton Chair which was thought out by Verner Panton. The British department of Vitra company on the heels of Panton fabric organized national designer competition in honor of half a century anniversary of Panton Chair – British Panton Chair Competition.

The participants were offered to imagine their own look of cult model and redo it according to their own taste. The only condition is that the ready chair can be moved by one person.

The jury chose three winners from 31 participant.

1-st place. Studio Jump Studios: model with sitting looking like “cradle for the cat” (game when the threads wore on the fingers are assembled in the patterns).
2-nd place. Studio Ben Adams Architects: the surface of the chair is dappled with many holes because of which it looks like the lacy.
3-rd place. Studio Maris Interiors: the chair is cut into several parts and assembled as a sculpture looking like skeleton.

On the 1st of July 2010 all projects were sold by auction. Gained money were passed for the charity purposes.