Inflatable furniture

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Light, plastic, ecological, not loosing shape in time, bright and uncommon, and the main thing very cheap – this is the furniture of dream of any host. This wonder has been thought out long ago and is very popular. The inflatable furniture is stylish, comfortable, and democratic.

Sofas, beds and armchairs consists of firm covering and air blocks which are harmless for human, comfortable, durable in exploitation, light, simple for care, safe for children and has many advantages in terms of environment. Changing of covers allows transforming the interior easily.

In 1993 the soft, high-technological material and the necessary technology of production of inflatable furniture appeared. Used today plastic is one of the firmest, cleanest and most comfortable materials. The inflatable furniture created of it has many surprising advantages.

The inflatable details which the furniture consists of have no weld seams, do not let the air through and produced like the entire thing with airtight valve. They are very firm and the guaranteed time of serving is ten years. It is easy to replace them in case of damaging or paste with special glue. It is necessary to add air to such furniture not oftener than three times a year. Changing the amount of air in the blocks it is possible to choose the level of elasticity of bed, armchair or sofa for yourself. All covers can be taken off and cleaned as often as it is necessary. Even the air blocks can be washed in warm water.

Plastic material and new design of furniture are checked for quality and functionality. It is durable and meets the high qualities for “furniture for public places with intensive using”. The large amount of blocks in any kind of furniture (till 14 in the sofa, for example) creates the additional comfort for the sitting person and stands steady on the floor. The air inside the inflatable furniture allows it fit you tightly repeating the forms of body.

So forget everything what you knew about the bulky, unwieldy, dusty sofas, armchairs and beds. Inflatable furniture is more than just new collection of furniture for rest and sleeping. This is new thinking, new technology ideally suitable for people of all generations.