Bed from the East

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East is often associated with the wisdom, calmness and pacification. These notes are appropriate for interior of bedroom where we have rest after difficult working days. The professional designers also maintain these ideas.

For many years already the bedroom in Eastern style is popular. The special décor is quite expensive but you can add the elements of this design and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Sometimes it is enough to change the central element of the interior – the bed.

Some people think that Eastern people just have no bed and sleep on the floor, on the embroidered carpets. The truth is that they really refuse from the classic furniture however they do not sleep on the floor. The bed looking like raised floor takes the central place in the placement. Their height is from 15 till 50 cm. The furniture has no legs, sometimes it looks like the thick mattress.

The Eastern apartments should radiate luxury and refinement. The mattress should be placed on the base – possibly made of gypsum plaster – where the cases for bedclothes can be built in. The other variant of creating the Eastern bed is the reconstruction of old one. The legs should be taken off, the carved back can be encrusted with stones and elements of colorful glass. The canopy on the high frame can be placed above the bed. It will protect your sleeping and guard against the insects.

In decorating of Eastern bed the representative textile plays the great role. Besides the canopy the sheets and covers are also greeted. Additionally the Eastern bed is decorated with many pillows of different form covered with brocade and silk. The decorative pillows of small size with fringe look on the Eastern bed best of all.

Textile on the bed is characterized with the certain color gamut. The pillows, sheets, covers combine the shades of gold, red, violet. They can be joined with black or beige colors. The Eastern interior is very bright by itself so do not overdo with colors.