Ultrafashionable lightings for our homes

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Recently London designer Ross Lovegrove presented his new hanging lighting which got the name “Andromeda”. The project was made by order of Japanese compane Yamagiwa. The construction is produced of painted steel. The distinctive feature of the presented model is the blocks of light-emitting diodes placed in the cruciform corners of construction made of polyurethane foam. The lighting is also equipped with the mirrors which can be placed in various places. They reflect the light in different directions creating soft and pleasant illumination. Uncommon form, laconic design, refined curved lines and smooth curves make the stylish and practical, elegant and functional lighting “Andromeda” to be the wonderful supplement of interior in modern style. This model can be used both for furnishing of home interior and in fashionable modern office or other commercial placement. The lamp “Andromeda” will also blend wonderfully in ultrafashionable interiors with high-technological design.

North-American designer Daniel Michael answered with his variant of hanging lighting. His new original project got the name “Bye Bye Bulb” can be legally considered the apogee of functionality, ergonomy and style of minimalism. His construction is simple to the last degree. When you look at it you have impression that the author just forgot to put upholstery to the frame of lampshade made of several bent metal pipes. Besides this the distinctive feature of the model is that on the place of standard bowl for bulb the “Bye Bye Buklb” has the light-emitting diode of 10 Watt. In spite of simplicity of construction and minimal quantity of used energy, the lighting distinguished with very significant luminous efficacy and can become useful and interesting element of interior. Simple design, ascetic form, laconic furnishing and functionality will make the lighting “Bye Bye Bulb” practical and stylish supplement of modern working interior in minimalism style.