Bright colors for children and adults

Bright colorful furniture calls positive emotions, smiles and laugh both for children and adults. Designer Helena Baita put her heart and soul to provide the highest mood to the children creating her collection of positive and merry kids furniture Renata Brazil Line. Various faces-smiles painted on the panels of tables and chairs, cupboards and shelves create this positive and funny mood and can be useful as markings for small children. It will be easier for them to remember what lies in which case and it will be more interesting to learn colors. By the way talking about the cases the author meant not only colorful étagère. Small cases disguised under the panels with smiles and in chairs also. The small fidget will have place to keep his treasures to have them at his fingertips and not under his feet. The merry children furniture Renata Brazil Line is produced of acrylic and wood.

In its turn British furniture company Corita Rose took care about bright mood of adults. The company is famous with its comfortable soft furniture which distinguishes with its bright and uncommon design. It could even be called motley and this is its absurd beauty. Designer Ed Hardy, the author of uncommon decoration of furniture by Corita Rose was inspired not with the summer motives of endless fields, house in the forest or rest in nature but with the modern tattoos and classic art of Middle Ages. According to the words of designer, the minimalism which is famous today and its cold “official” colors need to be warmed and brightened up. So why not to start from so bright and sunny pillows which are also presented by Corita Rose? Of course in this case the interior stops being too “official” but it will also stop being so boring.