Furniture for collections

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If you even collected something you know that this is very fascinating hobby. Most of the collections need the special furniture with the shelves open for overview. Stands and glass cases are ideal for this case.

If the collection items are not afraid of dust and created to be always at one’s fingertips they are placed on the open stands. These constructions allow sorting huge amount of exhibits and knowing at any moment where they are placed. The stand can take the walls all around the perimeter of room or hide under the stairs, border with the entrance door or be situated modesty under the window or in the corner. The stand is also able to zone the space: in this case it is situated not along the wall but across the placement. Besides that recently the mobile constructions equipped with the castors are more and more popular. They are usually not very high and can be moved easily.

The classic stand does not foresee the facades – either transparent or solid ones but can have roll-out cases. The shelves are fixed to the solid partitions or vertical supports. In the second case the construction is more open, half-transparent, especially if the shelves are glassed.

Producing the shelves resin-bonded chipboards, glass, wood, metal are mainly used. Massive of wood is used rarely. About 30 years ago the new kind of boards for making cabinet furniture appeared – tamburato. Tamburato is the panel which frame is made of massive of coniferous woods and the core is filled with perforated “honeycombs” of high-qualitative cellulose. Such panel is lighter and firmer, resistant to scratching and attrition.

The special role in glass cases is assigned to the illumination. Owing to light it is possible to put emphasizes, accentuate relief and volume of any exhibit; create the special atmosphere in and around the glass case. For this purpose the low-capacity halogen lamps and light-emitting diodes are used.

If you want to protect your collections from dust it is better to keep them in glassed cupboards and glass cases or china cabinets. Glass cases can be included in the dining set together with tables, chairs and counter. The glass cases can be different by form and design: squared, rectangular, oval, round, concavo-convex, corner and so on. Mainly these are cupboards which are placed along the walls but there are hinged or mobile models.

Beautiful and favorite collections placed in the appropriate furniture will give the cozy atmosphere to your house and real pleasure to you.