Soft furniture for children: styles and constructions

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Soft furniture for children sometimes differs from the adult one only with size or colors. Choosing the construction and style of sofas and armchairs we take care about the safety of child and furniture in apartment.

The decorators often insist on the entire stylish decision of all placements of apartment or house. For example, if you choose classic it should rule both in bedroom and kitchen and children room. In their turn children like to imitate adult so will be very glad to get the armchair “like their father has”. It is not surprise that the producers make the soft furniture for children in all known styles. You can meet even the models in laconic Scandinavian style or tiny modern armchairs by famous masters (Gaetano Pesce, for example).

“Children” style implies bright coloring of sofas looking like “bee or bear or butterfly”. But psychologists and decorators blame the fanciful baby colors of soft furniture. But such elements of furniture are still produced and that means that it is in demand anyway.

Children furniture can look like the adult one but there are also elements created specially for children. Children rocking chairs and toys looking like horses, dogs or birds which it is possible to sit, lie, ride on. Children padded stools and pouffes are intended for games and not for additional comfort like the adult models. Folding children sofas can be included in children furniture set and correspond with other elements by size. Then it can be placed in the niche or pier between wardrobes.

There are also some recommendations for adult to make the soft furniture in the whole apartment to be safe for children. The sofas in the living room should not have any sharp angles. The armchairs should not be “light” for not to overturn accidentally. Furniture should be firm and “resistant” against jumping and other active games. The upholstery should be made of synthetic textile or with Teflon covering. Natural materials: linen, cotton and wool are unpractical.