Collection of vases Trapped Ceramics by Andrew Beaumont

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Uncommon beautiful vases made of hardwood and ceramic is elegant creative by young designers from Great Britain Andrew Beaumont who recently successfully finished his studies in the famous University de Plymouth.

The contrast combination of “warm” wood and “cold” ceramic is a variant without risk of loss. Moreover if the lines and forms of this “unite” are counted by the instrumentality of digital age.

The name of collection Trapped Ceramics is evident. Streamlined wooden forms just “captured” pleasantly fragile ceramic vessels but only to protect them carefully from unsteady positions and careless movements.

These ambiguous covers inside the covers just ask to fill them with either field flowers or eccentric compositions trusting them to “reliable hands” and place either in classic living room or romantic bedroom or the museum of modern arts.

Although any of original vases is quite self-sufficient and can decorate the interior as an art-object without requiring supplements and fillings. Vases Trapped Ceramics correspond very various forms and images: from nice and refined “stands” till ambiguous and well-grounded pedestals.

The substantial in both straight and extended senses conception, forms counted by the instrumentality of digital age, artistry and some humor – these are the distinctive features of collection Trapped Ceramics, as of the modern, elegant and not boring design as a whole.