Dining room furniture

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Today dining room begins to return its lost positions and can take either separate room or the placement combined with kitchen or living room. That the dining room is comfortable, cozy and beloved by all the family it is necessary to think out not only the design of placement and choose the furniture, lighting, and accessories.

If the dining room takes the separate room it becomes the placement intended for family celebrations and common festivities. Dining room furniture is placed in the center of the room. Choosing the dining room set you can prefer any designers’ orientation: from classic to modern, from hi-tech to country. The main thing is that it should correspond with the design of the room, its size and decoration.

Base of the dining room furniture is the table, chairs and various cupboards for dish and household utensils: china cabinets, sideboards, chests, glass cases. Table is the main element in the dining room which form (round, rectangular, oval, squared) depends on your taste. The table can have any style but the dining room needs really big table which can be unfolded when necessary. Transforming table is the most convenient variant in the placement of any size. Tables are usually made of different sorts of wood but metal and glass are quite fashionable today.

Chairs in the dining room play not less important role than the table. Usually table and chairs are made in entire designer’s fulfillment. While choosing chairs firmness, comfortable construction, upholstery and durability are important.

The traditional decoration of dining room furniture is a sideboard. It is usually higher than other cupboards and its upper part has the glass doors. Its lower part correspond the stand with various roll-out cases and wooden doors. It is used for keeping settings, dish, towels, napkins, tablecloths. The sideboards are often equipped with bars for alcohol drinks.

For illumination of dining room several sources of light are used. It is good to hang the beautiful chandelier above the dining table. In the evening it is possible to create the comfortable atmosphere for rest with sconces and standard lamps.