Sofa as obligate element of interior

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It is good if you have enough place for the real sofa in your apartment. Soft corner is not only sofa or corner sofa, two armchairs and sometimes coffee table. Deep leather sofa is the obligate element of interior of the cabinet, fireplace room and big living room. Choosing the right sofa it is necessary to follow three main rules.

First is the stylish correspondence. Sofa is not the independent details of interior but its full-fledged part which form should blend with the surrounding. If all articles are round you should choose sofa with chamfered corners, if rectangular – the sofa should look accordingly. It is better to determine with colors beforehand that you sofa does not look as a bright spot.

Second rule is not to economize on the material of sofa. Any sofa consists of three parts: frame, material of filling and material of upholstery. Frame is usually made of wood or wooden materials. Often it is combined with metal details. The upholstery can be textile or leather, natural or artificial. The filling can also be various. The most wide-spread are foam rubber, foamed polyurethane and padding polyester.

The third rule is the importance of size. Many of us imagine the sofa as something big, deep and wide. But actually sofas can be blend with even small room. The best decision in this case is corner sofas which do not take much place and combine all the advantages of good soft furniture. Sofas can be for one or for several people – so think which size is more suitable for you.