Unique round extension table “RoTension”

You remember how in childhood you curiously look at the annual rings on the sawn cut of a tree? Designer Isariya Boon realized one of the childhoods remembering creating round extension table RoTension which not only transforms with unique way but also shows the life of a tree with the annual rings.

While creating extension table “RoTension” every detail was thought out: from connecting mechanisms and simple metal supporting piers till the wooden table top which remains the main decoration in straight and figurative sense. Such fulfillment of table top will make certain impression on everybody and unwillingly make the look to stay on it.

When closed, the Rotension Table looks like it could function as a desk or an end table. If you needed to seat more people you could simply pull on it and expand it to full size. The design itself must have been terribly complicated to construct, but the result is simple and intriguing.

It can harmonically blend with interior both in folded and unfolded condition. The construction of table allows creating different forms. All what you need is just to turn extension parts as you like it regulating the position of metal legs.

This extension table can be placed in any part of the room and every time the new original effect will be created. If only any element of furniture could be folded twice as this table-transformer “RoTension” and it would stay refined anyway.

Isariya Boon about herself: “I wish I will always have my childlike curiosity and my passion for everything I do.”