Cupboard for living room

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Living room is the heart of your apartment, the place where both masters and guests should feel comfortable. Cupboard for living room should meet the special requirements: besides the functionality it should be comfortable, stylish and blend with common interior of placement. Cupboard for living room is the most functional element of furniture in the apartment. It contains books, dishes, clothes (especially if the living room is combined with bedroom), audio and video equipment and also dear souvenirs.

Only you will decide how the living room will look. The sliding-door wardrobe which will take one of the walls or several modular cupboards for different purposes can be placed there.

Sliding-door wardrobe will blend wonderfully with small living room which can be used not only as place for rest and meeting with guests but as bedroom or cabinet. Such wardrobe will include many things and take little place. Behind the sliding doors TV and other equipment can be hidden. Behind the doors with transparent or dead glasses dishes, books, decorative accessories look very beautifully.

Open cupboards with numerous shelves or glass-cases with doors are suitable for keeping dishes, books, collections and other sympathetic things.

Open module for TV and audio equipment will place all the necessary techniques and accessories for interior. Open section is usually situated in the center of modular system and visually lightens the bulky construction, creates coziness and comfort.