Wave Chaise – universal furniture for work and rest

Good furniture combines the beauty, comfort and functionality, it corresponds the interesting and requirements. Everyone wants to have at home the comfortable place to watch TV or DVD, listen to the favorite music, read, study or work at the computer. All these possibilities combines in itself Wave Chaise created for modern young people.

Today’s teens have everything they could possibly want, and it is still not enough. Designer Roberta Ramme from Brazil intends to make life much easier for teenagers by bringing everything they could possibly desire a whole lot closer and creates wonderful set – place for work and rest. This multifunctional element of interior called Wave Chaise combines small sofa, TV and musical system. Wave Chaise is also equipped with shelves for books or disks formed all along the sides of the chaise lounge and on the front and special illumination for comfortable reading. For the teen that needs to stay in constant touch with other gum-chewing buddies is a phone base and charger on the left side. Just imagine, how comfortable this invention is in small-sized dwellings!

Ramme sais: “This concept created for today teenager or student. The standards of modern society where access to the technologies is cheap and easy inspired to the creation of it.”

Wave Chaise is beautiful and elegant element of interior, economies place in the room and exists in two variants – for boys and for girls. It seems that the success is guaranteed to Wave Chaise beforehand, moreover if the sofa inside it is comfortable!