Accessories in interior: dishes, ceramics, glass

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Accessories in interiors are the small things without which you cannot create individual look of your house, give it unique color and design. Dishes concerns to the most wide-spread accessories which have the special charm and centuries-old history.

Modern interiors which combine different styles but often remain cold and straight become more brisk owing to decorative decisions – unpretentious outwardly interior ceramic plates and vases, frames and ashtrays, boxes and statues.

There are many technologies of treatment and decorating of ceramic articles that allows creating different things for any taste. For example there is glazed dish which is also functional and unglazed one which serves most for decorating. It is possible to decorate ceramics with different ways, for example to scratch patterns on the surface, to paint and so on.

Glass in interior is on the top of popularity again today. The series of glass vases, plates, trays, tall wineglasses with décor of uncommon materials, all possible lightings, stained glass elements and details of furniture made in different techniques.

As any accessories the dishes in interior should be placed correctly. Ceramic vases will be the wonderful supplement of classic living room, traditional Tunis plates will blend with ethnic design and strict vases-glasses will be indispensible details in minimalistic entourage of apartment-studio. The designers advise placing the decorative utensils on the special shelves, coffee tables and cupboards.