Sway by Klafs

Correct biological rhythm is one of the important components of healthy way of life and capacity for work. The scientists proved long ago that short-time sleeping during the day can significantly improve the feeling, mood and capacity independent from the sphere where the person works. Exactly to make the process of falling asleep to be faster and more comfortable and sleeping to be full-fledged and healthy the specialists of company Klafs worked out the bed Sway.

The employees of intellectual work and creative people know not through hearsay how it is difficult and sometimes even impossible to relax and fall asleep quickly even in the evening and moreover during the day. Often if you manage working without tension and stress your brain continues settling difficult problems, looking for the decision of present situations, projecting and creating mechanically.

After you made yourself comfortable the bed Sway begins to stimulate small moving with frequency which helps achieving the deeper relaxation. The vibration is intended to decrease the muscular tension, calm your breath and bring your thoughts far away from everyday life. The producer guarantees that after 15-30 minutes of rest on such bed-cradle the ability to concentrate and good capacity for work increases significantly. Exactly because of this reason bed Sway is offered as a pleasant supplement to your home (and maybe not only) office moreover that the neutral design of model is worked out to suit well to any interior.