Living room furniture set

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There are no determined rules for arranging furniture sets. Both sellers in the salons and even producers confuse in the components of the set. So let’s try to set the order in this difficult matter.

Furniture sets for living rooms are changed much in the modern conditions: the desire of people to make house practical moved aside the ancient sideboards and chests giving place to built-in sliding-door wardrobes, bookstands and hanging shelves. Choosing furniture for living room you should make out its components.

Wall unite is a symbol of comfort and practicalness of furniture. Usually wall unite consists of wardrobe, sideboard for keeping dishes, section for TV, several close shelves and roll-out cases, section for bar, mezzanines and other sections.

Bookstand is the simplest and most comfortable way to keep things: CDs, books, souvenirs, frames with pictures, soft toys can be placed comfortably on the open shelves.

Sliding-door wardrobe is one of the most wide-spread modern elements of living room furniture set. All things can be placed on the hangers, shelves, supports, in cases which are closed with sliding doors.

Glass cases allow presenting the dearest things (for example parts of collections) for public view. The glass cases are usually placed in the middle or the room and often shelves of such glass cases are made of firm glass.

China cabinet is another glass element of furniture for demonstration of souvenirs, this time put against the wall.

Sideboards and cupboards are purposed for keeping dining utensils and linen. In the glassed part the dish is stands conspicuously and on the shelves closed with wood doors the dining linen is placed.