Tree Bench by Marko Vuckovic

It is not a secret that the plants like others representatives of live nature is better to live in the wild than in the big cities, in the conditions of constant stress and poisoned air, in the society of vandals and hooligans who aim at harming just for fun. Trees are important component of the natural landscape; they also play an important role in producing oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The project of “city furniture” Tree Bench is the next attempt of designers to make friendship between nature and townspeople that both these and those can live comfortable together with each other.

The author of the project, Serbian designer Marko Vuckovic projected this uncommon bench the way not to infringe upon interests of trees and people. Tree Bench provides a comfortable place to seat people under the natural landscape and breathe them afresh even in urban environments. Easy to install the new bench features five holes: one for trunk of the tree and four others to keep the rain water for grass and roots. And near them, on the smooth plastic sittings, people who come in the park with book, camera, phone or sandwich can make themselves comfortable.

Made of white corian this bench can survive any weather conditions: snow, rain, hail, heat. Moreover, this invention

The Tree Bench is easy to produce and easy to install anywhere, like streets, beaches, parks even in buildings. It is perfect for relaxation and for people who love meditating, because we are always reminded that you are part of nature. You don’t need to be in Bodh Gaya to attain enlightenment, a relaxation Tree Bench and peaceful surroundings is all that one requires!