Fruut Tree for children room

“Fruut Tree” is not the fruit tree as you can think. Exactly, this is a tree which fruits are clothes and accessories, packets and toys, in general everything for what you cannot find place in cupboards and on the shelves of children room. “Fruut Tree” by company Fruut is the project of uncommon rack for children room which will decorate the dwelling and gladden your children. Not limited by space restrictions and cube sizes like other toy storage, you can use the Fruut Tree to hang all sorts of items.

“Tree” rack grows to the size that the baby feels comfortable to get to its top and take or put his scarf, hat or bag with toys. Simplistic by design, it can work in almost any location and affix to any wall. Besides that Fruut Tree can be considered to be ecologically clean and safe product because it is made of beautiful natural birch wood.

With the set of Fruut Sacks, colorful bags for toys, “fruit tree” will become a super storage system and it will be easier to teach children to keep the order when they see how this fruits look. Fruut Sacks come in 3 handy sizes to cater to your changing storage needs and have easy pull drawstring to allow easy play and easy pack away. But of course you can make the bags yourself. Being used alone it is a versatile and functional wall art.

The Fruut Tree will be a welcome designer decoration to your toy or children’s rooms, transforming a normally cluttered room into a stylish, clean and colorful play zone.

By the way the company-producer announces that it donates to the fond of indigent children of Cambodia from every sold “Fruut Tree”.