Collection “Odds and Ends, Bits and Pieces”

Non-waste production helps to economize and develops the fantasy. It is known that a good house-keeper will always find how to use the rest of products cooking salad, pizza or filling for pies and pancakes of them. Good designer will always think out where to apply unused ideas, materials and rests of past projects. The Holland studio Jo Meesters came out with the experiment called TESTLAB creating the series of furniture made of pieces of wood and cuttings of textile. The collection is called “Odds and Ends, Bits and Pieces”.

Surprisingly the project turned out to be very interesting: not very refined furniture but wonderful designer decision which can inspire young designers and the “home” needlemen for creating something like this.

The furniture series consists of two couches, stand, chair and pouf assembled of cuttings of wood, defective wooden articles and textile which remained after sewing blankets. These elements do not pretend to be called comfortable and cozy, – this is just an example what can be done of nothing while joining something from what other refused only using your fantasy, zeal and mastery.

Project “Odds and Ends, Bits and Pieces” was presented n Dutch design week in Eidhofen and got the high mark of professionals.

Studio Jo Meesters creates concepts and products based on the key words of matter and traditional craftsmanship. The ongoing search for innovation in materials and techniques is the major drive of the design bureau, which is considered a laboratory for product concepts. A laboratory focused on the research of new ways of material handling and the exploration of the boundaries of the intersection of craftsmanship and mass production techniques.