Anatomy of bed

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The simplest way to make your life more pleasant is to buy a good bed and to learn having the full-fledged rest. To choose the bed which is suitable exactly for you it is desirable to have some conception about the construction of this useful article.

The bed consists of the frame and skeleton where the mattress is put. The skeleton is the construction of two supportive backs with side panels or four supportive panels with hanging backs. In the second case the legs are necessary.

There numerous of variants of bed frames. The simplest of them is made of long boards or metal pipes across which the dozen of wood laths is fixed. If this is a double bed one need two single or one double frame.

Some frames are equipped with mechanisms for regulating of harshness of sleeping place and system of transformation for changing the slope of rise of head, central or leg part.

It is also necessary to choose the main attribute of bed – the mattress. It is possible to purchase it together with the bed and frame or separately, with any filling and upholstery.

Probably the head bed is the most attractive element for designer fantasy. It can be of any look: flat or curved, solid or openwork, lattice or wicker, vertical or bent, with decoration, carving or painting, upholstered with textile or leather this is the matter of your taste.

It is simpler to buy the standard bedroom set than the bed alone. Many producers allow the models of uncommon design with or without wardrobe, cupboard, chest and stands. So decide what exactly you would like and move shopping!