Milky Star: minimalist system of racks

Valleys and mountains, fields and deserts, forests and bogs, flowers and trees – nature always inspired designers and artists for creative feats. But how much you should want to plunge into this inspiration to watch your muse with microscope! After watching on the seeds of the flower called Ornithogalum dubium through the microscope with high dimension the designers of company Pudelskern saw the fantastic landscapes which embodied in new project called Milky Star.

To say the truth simple people could never guess where the designers got the idea to project the rack looking like a puzzle with toothed edges which are unnoticeable for the first sight but perceptible if you stroke your hand over the wall. Such system will help economizing place in the hall and organically blend with the interior of not only modern apartment but also stylish office.

Milky Star is the minimalist system of ceramic racks but not of the Japanese production. Minimalism is in fashion not only in the East but also in the West from where this project came to us. Now the authors plan to produce Milky Star only in white color but perhaps they will discuss the variants of colorful puzzles-racks on the wall.

Pudelskern works together since 2006. Our team is made up of members coming from architecture, design and cabinet-making. Part of the studio is a material experimenting lab, which is the base for research and development work. Every project is started with a thorough analysis.