Mirrors in interior

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For the recent years the mirror became the indispensable attribute for many houses and apartments. It allows adding more light, romance and secrecy to the placement.

In the bathroom the mirror is vitally necessary article. Usually it is placed for ¼ of human height however you can make it bigger or even add the small mirror with the handle.

In the hall or corridor the mirror will help you to be sure in your wonderful look. Usually it is placed closer to the entrance door on the side wall. Quite interesting is the illumination of the mirror from above or aside with the soft light of spot lighting.

In the living room or cabinet the mirror looks unnecessary. But it is quite real to make the mirror a part of some interior composition. The mirror can be set under the small angel that will allow extend the placement visually.

For the children room the mirror is chosen of 2/3 of the height of the child. The frame can be decorated with funny colorful elements to create the additional atmosphere of game.

In the bedroom the small mirror is often used. Sometimes it is built in the wardrobe. The original variant is the mirror ceiling.

The mirror will help to correct the proportions of the room, add light, bring new accents to the interior. The main thing is to place it correctly. Mirrors do not have to be single. Two equal models of ellipse form or several rectangular look beautiful. “Mirror” furniture looks very original. Entire panels or pattern of small mirrors can be made a part of almost any element. Cases of the chests, bookcases and hanging shelves can be decorated this way.