Archetto Seating by Sybarite and Marzorati Ronchetti

Archetto Seating is multipurpose modular system combining the aesthetic and functionality can be used effectively in the spheres of business, rest and entertainment. The conception of this modern element of furniture by order of Italian company Marzorati Ronchetti worked out the London design studio Sybarite.

The dynamic structure allows to place comfortably enough people at the quite small area. Besides this the organic form of Archetto Seating plays wonderfully the role of stylish art-object giving the furnishing the futuristic orientation.

Hospitable and ergonomic form of independent module is intended to form the atmosphere which is comfortable for closer relations and dialogue. Forming the “circle of communication” the seating gradually widens and turns behind the integrated in the structure asymmetric back which allows finding the symbolical place to stay alone but without the feeling of isolation from all the company.

Autonomous “island” is equipped with the sockets for charging mobile phones and notebooks and is at the same time open and limited place where it is possible to feel comfort and isolation even when you are in the quite public space.

This universal conception can be adapted to any placement of public intention; it could be office, club, bar, restaurant or hotel hall. The color gamut and technical qualities of module are also variable depending on the conditions and preferences of the customer.

The structure is formed of five parts made of polystyrene of high density and glass fiber painted with paint and covered with lacquer.