Coffee table One by Bas van der Veer

Why to buy the vases, the chairs and the tables separately if it is possible to combine all these in the only element of furniture which could decorate the interior and be useful at home? The example of this is the creative white coffee table One by studio Bas van der Veer. Everything what you need and in one article.

Designers from Bas van der Veer are famous with the fact that they take the ideas for their projects literally on the surface and then create the wonderful elements of interior which gladdens the eye and helps economizing place in the placement. To say the truth we are not talking about the economizing of funds but you should take into consideration that this is the designers’ exclusive.

This compact white coffee table looks like the stool but you will hardly have the chance to sit on it: two small vases for flowers are built in so-called “sitting”. You can not take them off or move. The table is called One not without a reason: it is entire in all three implementations. It is not comfortable from one side but from the other one – they will not fall, break and are always near if the beloved person suddenly comes to visit you with the nice flowers.

Bas van der Veer: “My passion as a designer is to translate my dreams and wishes into real products that are useful to myself and to others. Creating my own visual world where I make the rules. I always strive for products with a fresh and clear concept about cultural heritage, natural principles, a certain production technique or environmental issues.”