Magna, Opus and Tempo by Nistor&Nistor

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Why children like constructors and transformers so much? Because it is not boring with such toys: they can turn into everything changing and rebuilding them for even five times a day. Such future the company Nistor&Nistor intends to their lightings: their series Evolutive Design Collection consists of three original table and floor lamps which appearance can be changed any time you would like.

This collection includes lamps Magna, Opus and Tempo and each of them is interesting with its own way. Though at the end of the day you will hardly be able to fall in love with them from the first look; they seem too simple and standard. But their originality is included exactly in their simplicity.

The matter of fact is that all three lightings consist of several dozens of modules, illuminated bricks made of injected polycarbonate which can turn around their axe for 360 degrees. It means that it will not be very difficult to rebuild the appearance of the lighting, – you need just a little fantasy. When illuminated, the translucent white panels give up their aluminum frames of the lamps her beautiful, almost eerie glow. The modern, enlightened trio comes in floor and table top designs.

It is proven that the oftener the person “plays” with the elements of interior the more favorite these elements become for him and it means that they will stay in interior for a long time and it is more pleasant to look at them and to boast to somebody you know too.