Couch Sleeper by Anne Lorenz

Perhaps being tired of fighting against banal human laziness the designers decided to allow it winning. And that the human who was won by laziness would be more comfortable to enjoy his defeat they think out the special furniture for lazy people. The amazing “lazy couch” Couch Sleeper by designer Anne Lorenz took its deserving place in this raw.

The author assumes that this simple and therefore genius project will wonderfully suit to those who feel lazy to get out from the bed to work and for work he needs only computer and internet. Designer Couch Sleeper looks like hybrid of sleeping bag and chaise lounge therefore the imagination immediately draws the evening in the camping, noise of the sea, crackle of branches in the fire and tasty fish soup with smell of smoke.

People who are far from romance perhaps imagine not this beautiful picture but something earthier, for example small house of forest rangers, knocked up stove and such couch where they can sleep during the free time. One or other way, everyone chooses for himself how it is comfortable for him to use Couch Sleeper: as a couch in veranda or as the additional sleeping place for guests.

The Couch Sleeper is shaped like a pool lounger and can either remain zipped up for a more sophisticated look or unzipped for a warm, wrapping embrace. So whether you are reading a book or browsing, you will not have to reach for a snuggie with this day bed.