Shelf in the Wind Created By Olivia Bradateanu

This furniture is new design that takes to a new level of Shelf in the Wind. This shelf is designed by Olivia Bradateanu. This design came from the idea: What if a simple shelf moved with the breeze that enters the front door. Poetry in design is explored by studying the transformative properties of the wind and applying them to a common piece of furniture that typically does not communicate above a functional level. The result about this shelf is a whimsical hardwood shelf that appears to be blowing away or transforming into something else, depending on the viewer’s interpretation.

Olivia Bradateanu is a versatile industrial and graphic designer committed to quality results. From consumer products to graphics, packaging, brand identity, environmental graphics, interaction and web, she is able to take on any design challenge in a very thoughtful and resourceful manner, respecting a strong iterative process of design balanced with unbounded inspiration and creativity. Always professional yet easygoing, she can adapt quickly to any work environment (especially the slightly chaotic kind).