Simple and effective way of zoning the space

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Coming back to always actual theme of effective forming of furnishing the small-sized placement we offer another variant of simple and rational zoning of space in the context of studio planning.

Apartment-studio joining the zones of living room, kitchen and dining room is the most popular planning today. There are numerous traditional and creative ways of delicate dividing these zones of different functions.

The simple way of solving the matter of dividing the territories of living room and dining room placing between tem the deep double-sided chest which serves as a capacious keeping system besides the border function.

If you cannot find such double-sided model and consider making the furniture by the individual order to be too troublesome business then as a deserving initiative you can purchase two narrow chests or low bookstands placing them with the backs one to other.

By the way, this charming interior is fulfilled according to the basic rules of small placement. Walls, curtains and main furniture elements here are sustained in monochromic light color gamut which turns them into “air”. Separate bright fragments coming to the first line “move apart” the borders of placement even more. Moreover the red life-asserting color used in small quantity improves the mood and charges with energy.