Grand by Monica Förster for Offecct

Swedish designer Monica Förster presented this sofa with arms that curl outwards asymmetrically for Swedish brand Offecct at Stockholm Furniture Fair. When Monica Förster commenced the work to develop a sofa for OFFECCT the initial idea was to create a piece that conveyed the feeling of something improvised and sketched. The first ideas were transferred to a scale model where Förster worked intensively to create a shape that conveyed a sense of freedom.

Thereafter OFFECCT’s product development department took over and translated it into a model at full scale. Monica Förster worked closely with OFFECCT to develop details, proportions and relations between volume and surface.

”OFFECCT’s first prototype captured the idea of the couch very well, and it has been a rewarding project that resulted in Grand, a sofa that is characterized by softness and asymmetry, creating an inviting sense of freedom” says Monica Förster.

Grand is a large and generous sofa. Grand comes in a left hand, right hand and straight version with an accompanying footstool and an optional divan. One half of the Grand sofa’s seat is much deeper than the other.

Monica Förster is a creator of some of the most internationally renowned objects in contemporary Swedish design today. Her work is characterized by a strong sense of pure form mixed with a never-ending curiosity for new materials and technology. Always trying to work in a cross-disciplinary way, se invents and renews typologies in industrial, furniture and object design.