Vintage chair by 20age

If you like uncommon elements of interior and original designer decisions. If you are tired of standard elements of furniture and would like to refresh your interior, abandon the conventions and create really unique furnishing in your room. Then the stylish and uncommon project by British design-studio 20age which was called “Bahia Chair” was created specially for you.

The amazing and uncommon this model is a stylish vintage chair upholstered with yellow and beige velvet textile. It looks original and interesting and can become the bright special appeal of your interior. Its main distinctive feature is the uncommon decoration; its back is covered with 5000 Brazilian ribbons from which it takes its name from. Bahia ribbons are a good luck charm which represent ‘Senhor do Bonfim’; a Saint from the state of Bahia in Brazil. It is a tradition in Brazil to attach these ribbons around your wrists and tie 3 knots, making a wish for each knot. When the ribbon eventually falls off the owner must release it into running water and the wishes are supposed to come true.

Stylish and practical, bright and creative armchairs from collection “Bahia Chair” will become the wonderful supplement of interior in any style. Owing to them you will be able to create the unique furniture in your home.

20age is a London based design studio that was set up last year by Emma Phelps and Mauricio Varlotta. The British/Brazilian duo specializes in sourcing and re-upholstering mid 20th century chair designs with luxurious fabrics. Using bold colors and playful textures, they create striking designs that are influenced by their combined Brazilian and English heritages.