Creative poufs by Kabiljo Inc.

Questionable but very curious incident is described in the history. When the Queen of France Maria Antoinette was told that her people have no bread she answered “Let them eat cake!” Scientist-historians still argue whether the queen could be so hard-hearted and senseless and whether this sacramental phrase belongs to her but before the verdict is in the phrase flies free around the world and the designers from the company Kabiljo Inc. successfully used it for the project of creative sittings paraphrased the queen’s words as “Let them sit cake”.

So there are no common stools, chairs or ottomans, – please sit down on the “cakes” covered with the chocolate icing. And never mind that these cakes consist of the packs with wheat and “icing” is not chocolate and even not edible. By the way, it is a question also whether it is wheat in the bags.

The second project of uncommon armchairs by Kabiljo Inc. is called briefly and clearly – “Fat” – and looks like the carcass hanging on the hook like those which hang in the butcher’s shops. It is made of textile with the soft filling inside that it will be comfortable and cozy to sit on it. Of course, if the person is not vegetarian and not too fastidious to sit on the piece of “meat”, even it is artificial and designer.

The designers explain the uncommon furniture that it is made in the best traditions of “royal” meal which consists of beef and fresh cakes and here we can see the straight connection with Maria Antoinette. Besides this the edible poufs is the attempt to dispose people to abundance, prosperity and optimism in out difficult time of uncertainty and economic crisis. All these projects will take part in the show during Milan Design Week 2011.