Chair by Studio Job for Moooi

Artists Studio Job of Belgium have launched this rotational-moulded chair for Dutch design brand Moooi. Based on heavy wooden chairs of the Gothic period, the design was originally created for the duo’s Job Lounge at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands. The plastic design comes in ten bright colours with contrasting buttons round the edge of the seat.

Studio Job designed the Gothic Chair for the recently renovated Groninger Museum, in the Netherlands, where they also designed the interior for the Job Lounge and other areas of the museum. Studio Job have re-interpreted the solid wood and romantic elegance of the Gothic style and presented a playful, light chair made from brightly coloured rotation moulded plastic and contrasting ‘upholstery’ buttons.

“And then, of course, there is Moooi, the eccentric company with which Nynke and I have been fortunate to work for some years. The Paper collection of 12 products has done well, and we felt it was time to offer a Studio Job chair. I bought a magnificent 16th century style, neo-Gothic chair in an antique shop and put it on the table at Moooi, proposing that this complex handcrafted archetype be produced by the industrial method of rotational moulding. Studio Job drew up a design that acknowledged all the limitations of rotational moulding without sacrificing the character of the original model. The Gothic Chair was born lucky right from the beginning. An affordable and functional archetype for indoors and out. Gothic Chair is available in a bright spectrum of ten colours.” – Job Smeets.

For ten years Moooi has inspired and seduced the world with sparkling and innovative designs. The venture founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers is named after their native Dutch word for beautiful. During the last couple of years Moooi has expanded its horizons at a rapid pace, opening a gallery and several showrooms in Amsterdam, London, Antwerp and Milan.