Designer spotlight: Schub Laden

The German-based Schub Laden is a modern interior designer to watch. They create chunky, modular and squared-off furniture that will appeal to anyone who wants to add a playful yet sturdy touch to their home.

Most of Shub Laden’s work features at least partial natural wood grain in its texture. This is often mixed with pained wood in whimsical colors like lime green, to give the piece an eclectic air about it.

You’ll find plenty of dressers, drawers and cabinets of all sizes on this designer’s web page. If you are looking for a bold statement, the above-pictured large dresser drawers would do the trick. They feature reclaimed drawers with a variety of different textures, patterns and hardware, all combined in a single standalone unit.  Altogether, Shub Laden has found over 800 drawers to include in the many dressers they plan to create.

The process that Shub Landen uses to create their found works of art is quite unique. Rather than measuring everything out and trying to squeeze in the reclaimed drawers, they first choose the drawers to work with and then create the casing and tracks around them. They normally use painted MDF for the body.

SchubLaden – meaning “drawers” in German – is an unique shop in the Berlin-Kreuzberg´s Graefedistrict. It is devoted to the reuse of old unmated drawers. For SchubLaden Franziska Wodicka designs uniquely beautiful furniture for the kitchen, bathroom, office, hallway and every other room in the house – simply anywhere the right piece of furniture is still required. Each a unique piece with it‘s own story, signed and numbered.