5 bright accents for your bedroom

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Your bedroom is your safe place, your private abode – and it’s all about the details when it comes to decorating this sacred space. Although guests won’t be visiting your bedroom often, you can dress it up to be a modern testament to style by paying attention to the accents.

When decorating a bedroom, we are quite familiar with the furniture pieces that make up a typical bedroom suite, such as the bed, nightstand and dresser, or chest of drawers. However, by adding accent pieces to your bedroom, you will increase the room’s functionality, making it more comfortable, while adding character and style to your decor.
How about trying out a few throw pillows to add a splash of color? Decorative pillows can dress up a bedroom bench, your bed itself, and they can even look stunning placed nonchalantly in the corner.

You can also introduce color into your bedroom in a more subtle way. Sateen sheets come in a variety of muted colors, like eggshell blue and goldenrod yellow. When your bed is made up with the corner pulled down, this delicate touch of color will warm up its surroundings.

Wall decals are another option for a bedroom accent. Available in white, black and a variety of colors, these can add a tasteful but flirty and fun element to your room.

Patterned curtains can also brighten up a bedroom. You can get dragonflies buzzing around a sheer backdrop, or flowers weaving in and out of your window. If you do decide to get patterned curtains, try matching the main colors with your bedspread or accent pillows.

And finally, a flower vase can go a long way in dressing up a bedroom. You can incorporate a bright blue vase with pink flowers for a lovely splash of fresh scent and color.

What do you use to brighten up your bedroom?