Making black and white bold and beautiful

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Checkered ’50s tiles might not be in season, but interiors that crave a little black and white don’t necessarily have to be bland and boring. Using black and white can be an effective design tool to highlight your home’s stylish simplicity if done right.

There are a few techniques you can use when going monochrome to avoid the possible pitfalls of a such a paltry palate. First, why not try adding one or two pieces in black and white before doing a whole room renovation? You can bring in a black sofa with white accent pillows, or a black glass table with a lily-white porcelain vase centerpiece. If you like the look, expand outward from there.

Black and white is all about contrast, so why not go beyond just colors? Some of the best black and white interiors use patterns and textures to augment the effects of the monochrome walls and furniture. And if you’re going this route, take a risk: pair plaid with checkers and hold your head up high! You’ll be surprised at how stylish black and white can be with some bold texture choices.

And finally, you can catch your guests’ eyes by embracing a single splash of color in an otherwise black and white backdrop. Take the photo above – the stunning amaranth rug is made even more eye-catching because it is surrounded by monochrome. A solitary rug, pillow, or accent wall in a solid color can spruce up a black and white interior.

If you want to wield this modern minimalist color scheme with confidence, all you have to do is be bold.