Desk by Danny Venlet for Babini

The Goggle Desk, created by designer Danny Venlet for Italian Manufacture Babini is quite an interesting home office solution. It’s a simple, yet elegant design that would certainly get noticed by your guests whether you’d get the Goggle Desk for home or office use. There are various color options to fit your mood, so it’s time to choose the perfect combination for your future modern office. Modern & Elegant, the Google Desk is a perfect office furniture collection.

The project is designed for future oriented managers and executives and are able to mix functionality and elegance. It is an elite presidential designed for those who love to set themselves apart from the crowd, which recognizes the importance of having an object of design in their office, not a simple desk, but an article of furniture which leaves visitors and guests pleasantly surprised and breathless. This furniture featured rounded shapes, imposing sizes and a rich selection of finishes and materials: Google Desk can be chosen in glossy lacquer both inside and out, glossy lacquer outside and matt inside both in finish with contrasting colors and in a third alternative, in the event that the containment option is preferred, with drawers, modesty panel and credenza doors in olive wood.

Babini Spa is an Italian Company that has been manufacturing office furniture for more than 45 years, aiming at improving the quality of the workplace, with ideas, solutions and always new projects: a natural attitude to produce attractive, functional, high quality furniture, exclusively made in Italy. Babini currently operates in the office, home and building areas, with ideas, solutions and projects designed to improve the quality of both the home and the workplace.