Circula Seating by Taurus Design

If you are a hospitable person inviting a lot of guests to your place, you will probably have a problem with the amount of seats for them. The designers are already ready to help you. For example, with Circula seating that was designed by Taurus Designs and produced by German brand Brune. The name of this seating system, Circula has the Latin origin. It means “circulus: the circle.” The main configuration is the circle. But it can form various shapes combining different parts of the seating with each other.

It looks like a bench but the advantage is that you can arrange it in different ways. It may take different shapes, depending on what space you have and the shape you would like to use. You can adjust according to the form room of your house and your own. It has a modern design and you may arrange it as a flower, a circle or like a wave. It is a beautiful piece for your interior design which will also prove to be very practical. This seating looks stylish and modern, innovative and original. It is suitable for both curling up and receiving guests. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to seat in seating without sacrificing available space. With Circula you will have an unprecedented piece of seating furniture, every day the different one.

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