Hose Clip Shelving by Max Frommeld

Modular shelving units are a fun, modern and often affordable storage option for many people. Using modular storage unit shelving gets you organized and helps you avoid long searching of necessary trifles so you can focus on the important things. Moreover, modular shelving systems allow you to create your own custom shelving units and design your own furniture, whether it’s home office shelves, or living room shelving unit or even your home library.

The modular shelving unit by Royal College of Art graduate Max Frommeld is held together with clips more commonly found on garden hoses. Metal brackets at the corners of each shelf slot into grooves in the round wooden uprights. Once tightened, the yellow hose clips hold each one firmly in place. Quilted fabric covers can be attached to the shelf edges using magnets concealed in their seams.

Hose clip shelving is a extendible shelving system which consists of three main components: wooden pole, steel bracket and shelf board. The repetition of those components create a versatile, modular, flat pack shelving unit which introduces standard hose clips to the furniture world. A magnetic curtain adds a soft element to the structure which allows the user to have closed compartments in a very open storage system.

Max Frommeld is a product and furniture designer.  Originally from Ulm/Germany he is currently working and living in London. After finishing his product and furniture design degree in London he was part of the design team at Nils Holger Moormann.