The advantages of various bunk beds’ models

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Today furniture market is characterized by a tremendous diversity of bunk beds and in order to define the best model you need this article will reveal the key advantages and shortages of different bunk bed’ models. The main categories of bunk beds are: metal bunk beds, wood designs, trundle, loft, corner designs and triple decker design bunk bed. Metal bunk beds are very popular today as they are durable enough but they need to be inspected frequently as screws have tendency to work themselves loose. However wooden bunk beds are much more sturdy and safe than metal, moreover wooden bunk beds are much easier to repair. Wooden models bring warmth and feeling of comfort into your child’s room.

A trundle design of bed allows store a mattress in special bed-sized drawer or opening. Their use is suggested for children under the age of 12. Corner bunk beds are able to free additional space in the room so that they are good when space saving option is necessary. Triple deck bunk bed is able to accommodate up to 4 mattresses and that is perfect decision when you have one room for children. Being more exact it is not a big problem to find the bed which will suit you according to design, material, space saving option, style and price because many families prefer custom-made bunk beds which are easily made by specialists.