Sports themed bunk bed

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Hi, dear reader! If you remember last time we’ve discussed different types of bunk beds and today I’d like to headline one of them – the sport themed bunk bed! What should you know about this creative and funny type of bed?! I think we have common point of view in that sport bunk bed are really expressive and they will add personal touch and accentuate your child’s individuality! And please don’t err – sport bunk beds are good for boys and girls as well.

The first simple option for making a sport bunk bed different is to decal images and famous words of footballers, basketball players or other sportsmen! Talking about the color here you should feel free as you might decide to decorate your bunk bed in your child’s favorite football or baseball team’s colors. Also you can make further adaptations by adding MDF or plywood made wheels to the bed’s base. This will show your child’s passion for car racing. So here you are given a freedom of fantasy and the only thing needed for creating a real masterpiece is the richness of your imagination! So dream, plan and make your ideas be realized! Good luck!